Shine Markets | Chennai

Explore the bright side of Forex

Shine markets is a prime online Forex broker who provides currency pairs, stocks and indices to trade online. We are one of the new age forex brokers who operate strictly on an STP licensed environment. That means we will win only if our clients make profits. For that reason we provide the best in the line platform which is supercharged with additional features for you to make profits along with best trading conditions.

Our Advantages


• Low spread in ECN environment
• User friendly platform i.e. MT4
• No dealing desk /Pure ECN Broker
• Excellent execution with tier 1 liquidity
• Global presence & Offices
• 24 X 7 world class customers support
• Fund safety by enclose within regulator 


• Forex Signals
• Zero Fees
• Download center
• Forex Webinars
• Safety of Funds
• Market Research
• Bonus up to $5000
• Instant withdrawals
• Accept all EAs 


• Rescue Bonus
• Robo Trading Allowed
• Client Cabinets
• Optimized Rebates
• Deep Liquidity
• Low Latency
• Stable Spreads


• Ultra Fast Execution
• Tier 1 bank liquidity
• Multi Bank Back up
• Segregated Accounts
• 100% Hedging Options 
• Direct Market Access
• Rare Slippage 

Shine Markets Chennai

Shine markets is an all ECN regulated and certified online foreign exchange broker. We provide various types of accounts, trading software program and trading equipment to trade in the forex market for individuals, fund managers and institutional customers. Currently, we have greater than 10,000 clients, institutional customers and channel partners. We offer our clients one of the easiest, most secure and most dependable methods of carrying out Forex trading operations with market records, Analysis file, competitive terms, social trading and managed accounts.

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Managed Accounts

Don't know how to trade, but still wants to benefit from financial markets. We will manage your account on a profit sharing basis


We provide the best super charged MT4 and the most elegant and advanced trading conditions. Only when you make profits we will benefit. That is our STP license.

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